Basement floor

  • Kitchen – wood kitchen furniture, wood 4 tables x 4 chairs, gas/electrical built-in oven, fridge 500 liters, dish washing machine 12 sets, all the kitchen cutlery and kitchen-ware
  • Canteen 30 m2, two (2) LCD TV 116 cm, additional wood furniture
  • Air extraction system at the kitchen/canteen to avoid smell to accommodation and corridors equipped with extraction fan
  • Additional toilet at the basement floor, separated from canteen by partition wall. Toilet equipped with wash bowl and extraction air duct
  • Washing/laundry - 20 m2. Two washing machines 7 kg. Shelves for linen and household chemistry
  • Water supply mesh filters: at entry to 20 m3 tank and at the entry to the potable water supply system to the building
  • Water filter unit, peak flow rate 2 m3/hour